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We are simplifying the way people and objects get access to cellular connectivity.

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7+ billion cellular subscriptions

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards are everywhere. From phones, tablets and wearables to new connected devices such as thermostats, water meters, cars and more.

2,000+ cellular network operators

Operators have deployed cellular networks in every country across the world. They are all competing aggressively in terms of pricing, network quality, coverage, etc.

Access to cellular connectivity is often challenging

Various pain points exist in the life cycle of a cellular subscription from pre-activation, to activation and post-activation:

  • Pre-Activation:
    Insufficient discoverability leading to sub-optimal choice of network operator

  • Activation:
    Tedious pairing of physical SIM cards with device and cellular network

  • Post-Activation:
    Lots of friction in switching, swapping and managing multiple physical SIM cards


Digital SIM

We virtualized the SIM card. People and objects can dynamically connect to a plurality of cellular networks without having to deal with physical SIM cards. Just like connecting to Wi-Fi.

Connected Device

We are actively developing reference devices, mobile OS patches and "SIM-less" System-on-Chip (S2oC) components to power the next generation of connected devices.

Server Platfom

We built a secure and high-performance server platform that allows to remotely create, distribute and manage digital SIM cards. The platform includes tools that enhance the discoverability of network operators' offerings while providing more choice and better cellular connectivity experience to end-users.

Developer Tools

We are creating easy-to-use APIs and other tools to enable developers to connect their objects to the Internet. With over 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting easier with Simless technology.


We are former AT&T and Deutsche Telekom employees with a lot of
experience in SIM card technology.
Sam King
Sam King

3/2/1 Initiative

Simless genuinely believes in making the world a better place.
We aim to fight global poverty through various initiatives supported by
our pledge to donate:

3% of our revenues

2% of our time

1% of our shares